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Question: Did he dump his girlfriend for me?
Answer: You forgot coffee! Dutch people are all about coffee time!)))))))) Gibt viele solcher Oldie Spannerporno Videos, die wir euch ebenfalls auf unserer Senioren Tube zeigen. Die alten Weiber haben Seniorensex in Renterpornos, da kann man einfach nur staunen.
Question: Should it be a girls responsibility to buy condoms?
Answer: Russian and Eastern European women are awesome. Bei Geile Omas sind die besten Omapornos gelistet.
Question: Guys/ Girs....How far would go for a "goodtime" lover???
Answer: I think money is the sexiest language. Alte Frauen befriedigen sich selbst Kategorien: Alte Frauen befriedigen sich selbst bei der Hausarbeit. Alte Hausfrauen befriedigen sich selbst.
Question: Cliche cold feet boy. What to do?
Answer: No, it's comedy!

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Question: Do you think there is a effective deterrent to cheating?
Answer: The way to get the slang is to google it. It's pretty easy.

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Question: People in their 20's who have never had bf's??
Answer: It commonly happens around debt's, or when the person you lended some other thing doesn't return it back. You don't know if you are going to beat that person, or just be friendly with, in hope they will give it back to you. .

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Question: How to stop worrying about boyfriends sexual history?
Answer: Please do a french canadian

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Question: Why does he think he's "friend zoned"?
Answer: Yeah. First I thought boy she is hot but actually her acting was pretty cool.

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Question: Anyone else had wisdom teeth out?
Answer: I despise both living and dating in LA for all the reasons mentioned in this video and more!

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Question: What makes a man charming?
Answer: Serbia, not Siberia

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Question: Is it just me, or are people unecessarily argumentative?
Answer: Yes London gyals where you at sisters?

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Question: Why has dating become so complicated?
Answer: Please do dating a Peruvian women! some of the best women on earth!

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Question: Parents kicking me out - what to do?
Answer: I guess I'm not Russian then. My whole life has been a lie.

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Question: Another guy being a jerk...?
Answer: That Asian guy is funny and I like the mandarin song.

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Question: Why is my ex texting me?
Answer: The guy is much better than the girl in terms of looks.

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